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You can book a table through the "Find a table' button above. Enter your email address when booking and you'll receive an email confirmation through OpenTable.(OpenTable is an international booking system so you’ll need to enter your country code prefix - ie 44 for UK, omitting the first 0 of your number.) Please just give us a call or email if you are having issues with this.

For tables of more than six people please email or call us on 01984 624650.

Duende is open Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings from 7.00pm, latest booking time is 8.30pm. In the evenings your table can choose either the tasting menu or a la carte menu. Unfortunately we can’t mix tasting menu and a la carte on one table.

The lunch time menu is a la carte. Lunch time bookings are from midday til 2.30pm Friday, Saturday and Sunday.


Duende is a great space for a private party for up to 30 people. Contact us by email if you'd like to find out about private dining and special events. Email

Special dietary requirements

Many of the dishes on the menu at Duende do not contain gluten, but please check before you book if you have specific needs regarding allergens and dietary preferences.

We cannot guarantee a completely gluten free or nut free environment.